Monday, June 27, 2011

Fire and Ice... errr, Water.

Getting pitted at Padang, eating vegan food, stretching on Padang Padang beach, Bintangs at Jimmy's Brother and SUPing on Jimbaran Bay... not a bad start for the Indo Experience G1 tour. But that was only the first few days. With the SUP boards still in our possession and time on our hands before we head off to the rain forests of Ubud, we decided to hit up Jimbaran Bay at dawn in hopes of some glassiness for some more SUPing.

We couldn't have asked for a better morning to SUP in Bali.
The girls were up and ready at 6am and within 25 minutes we were unloading our SUP boards at the same beach from yesterday's SUP Session. But this time, it was sheet glass and not a sole in sight! Awesome! We decided to head towards the west side of the bay and check out the fisherman unloading their overnight catch. I would guestimate about a mile and a half one way. We all won't agree on the distance but I'm saying AT LEAST a mile and a half.

Sunny and great colors were offered up on Jimbaran Bay.
 At the mile and a half mark ;), we reached the fisherman waiting to head towards the beach. Okay, now think about it for a second. You're an Indo fisherman who's been out all night fishing and your waiting to get called into shore to unload the catch when all of a sudden you see three girls in bikinis paddle up. This was 7am! Yeah... the girls stirred up a few waves at the fishing village in Jimbaran this morning.

From a photographer's point of view, the colors were awesome. The golden light was unreal. From the fisherman's point of view, the colors of bikinis were also awesome. So after a few photo/video sessions around, not aroused, the boats, we headed back. It was a great workout for me since I was the only one on a sub 9 foot SUP board.

Mailei and Stephanie wanted more exercise and headed out for a swim. Yeah, crazy.

Mailei and Steph getting their swim in right after the 3 mile SUP paddle session. Psychooo...
Back to the hotel but not until we stop and get some photos of this giant statue that's on the way to LBS Surf House. Everyone just finds insanely massive. Probably because it is.

Gina and Stephanie.

Mailei and I's pose can't compare to Gina and Steph's above.
Breakfast. Packed. Now, off to Ubud. We check into Artini 2 hotel and I have to admit, walking into the reception area is always breath taking. Actually, Ubud is pretty awesome if you know where to look.

What you see when you reach the reception area at Artini 2 in Ubud. photo: Stephanie.
We're checked in and right off the bat we book our seats at the traditional Kecak Fire Dance. This is a definite must for anyone visiting Bali. The show was awesome except for the fact that this little kid two seats down was mimicking everything the lead actor was doing. Annoying. Other than that, it was a very cool sight to see.

Kecak show. photo: Stephanie.
 After the show, we head down the street to my favorite restaurant in Ubud, KAFE. With nachos on the menu, you know this Mexican will be fine with everything else. Eat. Hit a wall. Sleep.

Next post from Ubud.

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  1. The statue guy on the right looks like he's holding a heart as a trophy?! With these amazing photos and fun descriptions the posts are complete travel porn. Can't wait to see what's next!