Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vegan Baby!

We started off this day down on Padang Padang beach with a stretching exercise session with Escogue Instructor Mailei. If you have back issues, this is routine you need to follow! After an hour of bending, sweating and a walk down the beach, we were ready for a full day of Bali.

Padang Padang beach lifeguard tower.

You can't tell from this photo but the girls are inside of a giant cave.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about having a vegan on the Bali Adventure trip. Just the fact that I didn't know where to find vegan restaurants or what kinda of foods would be considered vegan was making me short circuit as a tour guide. But believe it or not, there hasn't been an issue at all. In fact, vegetarian meals were plentiful and get this... we found an all vegan restaurant on Sunset Road near Kuta. Our friend was excited!

Gina is a happy camper.

I grew up enjoying and eating every single type of meat on the planet. So having lunch at an all vegan joint was something new for me. Needless to say and just by looking at the photos, this place was awesome! The food was delicious and our table was awesome. It was open air gazebo sitting a grassy field with a fountain making comforting sounds. You could see the rice farmer and cows through the white coated fence. The Deity of Miracle restaurant is a must. Two thumbs up.

Yes, we macked out at Miracles.

Sweet and sour mushroom.

With the SUP on the car and food in our bellies, we headed to Jimbaran Bay. After another 20 minutes of the Bali mayhem traffic we reached Jimbaran. The winds were a little on the high side but we still went for it. We got out pretty far pretty quick. Paddling into the winds on the way back took twice as long. After the work out against the wind, we chilled out on the beach. The girls got tan and I took out the different boards and caught a few tiny waves.

The owner of this shop is going to kill it. As of today, he's the only one doing SUP on Bali. Yes, SUP is now included on our Bali Adventure trips.

Windy but still fun. We have the boards for 24 hours. We're going to get on it early tomorrow for the glassy sesh.
Tan, tired and hungry we loaded up the boards and headed for Ulu Thai food near Bingin on the bukit. Yum. This place serves their curries in coconut shells. Pretty cool. The food was awesome but having our waiter hovering over us waiting to take our order as soon as we sat down was a bit weird. But it was all good.

Back the hotel. Mailei and I crashed but the girls had other things to deal with. Before they could catch up on some z's, they had to kick out two intruders out of their room. Not people but two massive cane spiders. They need to work on their terminating skills 'cause both spiders outsmarted (is that a word?) the girls and escaped into the shadows of the room. Tonight the girls slept with spiders (gulp).

Welcome Bali.


  1. damn! looks like fun manny. see you soon sir. -maria (mario)

  2. "I grew up eating and enjoying every type of meat" Classic, Manny. Classic. Loving the reports- someday soon my friend.