Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jimmy's Brother

I personally discovered this beach back when Mailei and I had the 'Yoga Moms' group a couple years ago. Balangan Beach is located to the north of Padang Padang Beach and takes about 35 minutes by car from Padang. On the way to the beach, the cd in the radio played this full version song of an old Coca Cola commercial. The genius behind the song should be making millions. As soon as I was able to order a Coca Cola, I did! Okay, now back to the story.

The view from Jimmy's Brother's Warung.

This is the beach where I take groups of surfers or bodyboarders for the first time. It's a great wave to get an idea of the skill level of the crew. But what I found out with the Yoga Moms is that it's also a great beach to just lounge and explore. But I have to say... for me to 'just lounge' on a beach is really really tough to do. If I'm on the beach, I have to be doing something. Building sand castles, playing soccer, something! I start twitching after 10 minutes of 'just lounging.' Apparently, some people love to just chill on the beach with a cold drink in hand. Balangan is perfect for that!

Stephanie and Gina lounging with a cold Bintang besar.

Mailei in recovery mode.

Before we headed down the beach, the girls got a one hour full body massage for about $15 at the La Joya Bungalows hotel/resort. Yes, the massages are that cheap everywhere on Bali. I know... insane! Now, time to get to the beach.

La Joya massage si vouz ple.

There are about 10 or so warungs (restaurants) on the beach. We found Jimmy's Brother's Warung to be our favorite. It's located down near the cliffs. The food is awesome and Koman (she's your host, chef and masseuse) takes great care of you. The nasi goreng is awesome but my favorite is the chicken burger. Chowing down on the grub overlooking the beach was epic. Luna is the dog that hangs out at Jimmy's Brother warung and will eat anything you don't. I mean anything! She'll love you for it.

Chicken Burger. Yum.

The girls decided to spend the sunset exploring the cliff side of the beach while I passed out on the lounge chairs. The tide was low enough for them to walk around the rocks and explore the tide pools. I woke to the sun just setting and their return from the cliff.

Paradise. Lowtide Balangan Beach.



Stephanie found the swing at the end of the reef.

Back to the hotel for sushi and pizza. Oh, I think I forgot to mention, LBS Surf House now has free wifi for those that stay or eat there. Awesomeness!

Mr. Gede your LBS Surf House sushi chef.


  1. MV, thanks for the pics man. Good to see everyone having fun. If you get fidgety again just ask Steph to give you a CrossFit beach workout:) I'm living this one vicariously through your site so keep 'em coming! Cheers.

  2. Can you have it better!? Love to read more soon. Hugs to you all!