Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Barrel Blend

Earlier this year, I headed home to shoot a solid swell. I knew the boys would be pulling into some kegs so it was game on. Needless to say, I got a bunch of solid shots of all the crew getting shacked out of their minds.
But there was one shot that will go down in wine history. Yes... wine. Kyle Knox is a local ripper that married into a wine family and is currently working as a wine distributor. Kyle knows his wine. The cool part all of this, is Kyle gets to have his mug on a label of a wine bottle.

Okay, back to the photo session. Not only do we get the shot, but the fact that he's on a surfboard that was dipped in red wine just makes it that much more epic. Now check this out! The 2008 wine red blend to come out of the Hill Family Estate Winery from Napa Valley has my shot of Kyle on the label! F#cking awesome! Not only that, I actually got a photo credit on the back label!

I asked Kyle where people can pick up "The Barrel Blend" and he said Costco and some local markets should still have some in stock. But he said, as of today, that the Costco in Carlsbad should be stocked. If you pick one up, take a photo and send it over to: And yes, it's delicious. Can I say delicious to describe a wine flavor?

Kyle slotted on his wine board.

My case of wine is not going to last long in this house.

Score. Photographer: Manny Vargas.

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