Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Balls. Fast Talker.

I've had the pleasure to meet, travel the world and understand Eddie Solomon. Eddie was one of those people that could've made a career as an auctioneer... easily. When he talked, you had to pay close attention or you'd miss his point. He talked fast and it was awesome be able to try to decipher his sentences when he was stoked. But his love for the ocean and bodyboarding in particular was the the reason how he touched so many.

I met Eddie, holy crap I don't remember when exactly we met but the point is, we met. My first trip to Indonesia included the likes of Ed Searfoss, Jeff Flindt, Brian Stokes, Ross McBride and Eddie Solomon. There was one day that'll stick in mind at Lakey Peak. 1996 was the year, I think. But it was maxing out at the Peak and only the left was makeable. As usaual, the crowds from the 2-3 foot days dissappeared. And it was Eddie that was the first one out there and the first one to charge the giant 10 foot reef low tide monsters. He made it look easy. The one thing he's known for is his big balls. Eddie was a charger. A bodyboard charger.

Last Friday, our bodyboarding compadre lost his battle to cancer. Chris 'Wonton' Taloa threw out the first call to give prayers to Eddie and on Saturday morning a handful of friends gathered at his homebreak, Salt Creek. Cameron Steele led with a prayer and wished his family the best. Everyone that gathered said a few words as well. It was very emotional with a few of us sheding some tears.

We all then continued to catch waves. Not for us but for Eddie. He will be missed by many.

The ES Memorial Paddle will be this Saturday September 24 at Creek at noon. I will see you there to give thanks for some cool times that Eddie has touched us with. I hate to be blunt here but I suggest bringing money in an envelope for his family. I'm sure they're up to their necks in bills. So anything that you can donate to the Solomon family I'm sure will be greatly appreciated. If you've already donated, dig a little deeper. Anything will help.

An emotional morning.

Cameron leading our prayers.

Wonton floats one for Eddie.

Robbie Crawford sets up the shot of Cameron.

RIP brotha.


  1. Great Article Manny. Eddie will never be forgotten. RIP

  2. Was hoping he would get trough the cancer. My condolences for his family. RIP

  3. With his attitude alone, I thought he could beat the cancer. I met Eddie for the first time in Indo as well, wherer I also met you and Jeff Flindt among others in July 1999. I called him "fast-talking-Eddie" ever since. My condolences for his family. R.I.P Eddie.

  4. When I met Eddie for the first time in Cali, with me weak english, it was hard to catch up ! I clearly remember focusing a lot on Eddie conversation flooding words as fast as a 10 foot sick waimea wave... then I got to surf in Padang Padang with him few times, met him in Pipeline, in Rosarito for the No friends event with his beautiful girl friend who became then his wife Tamara. A great guy. Big heart. I am on the other side of the world Manny, I cannot be here. I wish to be in Reunion Island too, for Eddie's new friend in paradise charging Waves, Mathieu. Both of them teach us to enjoy every single second of our life.