Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Box Pro Wrap Up

I've got some time to kill here in the commuter terminal in San Diego. My ride won't be here for another hour or so.

The Box Pro event in Western Australia was unreal. Second place finisher, Magno Oliveira, said it best, "any other event would've be postponed out there... I'm proud to be a bodyboarder." The Box is a shallow reef in Margaret River south of Perth and it was absolutely off the chains! 6-10 foot monsters rolled in and surged massive barrels during the last day of the event.

Born and bred Margaret River local, Ryan Hardy, hands down dominated the entire event. He won every heat he was in, including the final! The Box reef and the entire beach where the event was located has tons of Hardy history. For Ryan to come out and win the event... well, it was destiny.

Ryan Hardy drops in to a monster Box barrel. South African Sasha Specker gets the shot from the channel.

I have to give props where they are due. First, to all the competitors who charged the gnarly conditions. I sure the hell wouldn't! Second, the judges for doing the thankless job of sitting and watching. Last but not least, the Snakes and Ladder production crew. These are the guys that bring you all the sick highlights and make sure the live broadcast looks as dope as it does.

The production crew: (LtoR) Xavier, Todd, Pat, Murray, Mitch, Seamus (in back), Kaniever, Pete (in back), Stacy & Lara (English travelers) and me.

I was stoked to be a part of such a historical bodyboarding event.

Next stop, Chile for the Arica Challenge. Watch it LIVE! More info on The Box Pro and the Arica Challenge at:

I've posted some photos from the trip here:

Now, check out the Final Day highlight reel:

THE BOX PRO - FINAL DAY from IBA on Vimeo.

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