Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hawaiian Color

Today was... yes, another day in paradise. Ryan took us out on the waters off Kona again. Warm, clear and almost surreal. I took my camera and snapped over 150 photos but wanted to experiment on the cool black and white images that have some color accents. Here's the simple workflow that I used for the goods:

  1. Bring photo into Photoshop
  2. Adjust levels
  3. Level out the horizon
  4. Image/Adjustments/Vibrance - Adjust accordingly
  5. Image/Mode/Grey scale
  6. Save As/Jpeg/Save As with extension _bw.jpeg
  7. On original image - Delete Grey Scale in history list (or on a PC - Ctrl+Alt+Z until you get back to the color image)
  8. Open image with _bw.jpeg extension
  9. Select all and copy
  10. Go back to original color image file and paste the _bw.jpeg image on new layer
  11. Click to hide the new _bw.jpeg layer
  12. On original color image layer, zoom in and use selection tool and select the part you want to be color
  13. Unhide the layer with the black and white image
  14. With the black and white layer selected, click delete
  15. Boom! Done.
  16. Resize and watermark.
  17. Save As...

That was my quick and easy way. Got another method. Share please. Now, the goods:

Lunch time on the rock wall in downtown Kailua Kona.

Mailei SUPing past the Royal Kona Resort.


  1. desaturate image and then use the erase tool, run it over everything you want in colour

  2. Joel, you da man! Thanks. I would first do all the color corrections then duplicate the layer twice. One will be the background color and the top layer I'd desaturate. Good times.