Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kona Gold

Good friend Ryan picked me up this morning for a bodyboard session down at his local break. I took my camera to get some pix to show you the endless amount of photo ops. Come to Hawaii, bring your camera... and use it.


First, I picked a few photos that told the story. Then, I adjusted the levels. If needed, I tweaked with the curves. Then color balance. Resize to 1024px on long side. Unmask Sharp. Adjust. Paste logo (made previously in separate .png file). Save As .jpg. Boom.

The wana soul has passed but her spines remain with us.

Locals know exactly when and where to be. In the two hours I was out there, I didn't see that section or size of wave. Dustin and Kainoa paddle out and get this.


Kainoa. Setting up.

Genius. Fish go in to pond small. Fatten up and are trapped in pond. When the King wanted fish... he had fish.

All aboard!

Ryan said it was a rare bird. I believe him for some reason. I've never seen a bird with feathers that look like a Starbucks Frapiccino. Made me thirsty.

Tour guide Ryan said that these branches sometimes fall on the ground. I really don't want to find one embedded in my heel.

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