Monday, April 4, 2011

On The Eve

One the eve of my flight to Western Austalia for the IBA Box Pro event, I'm feeling a little worried. As some of you may or may not know, I'm the IBA World Tour's official play-by-play live internet streaming event commentator dude. I'm a tad worried because this trip will not include my right hand man, the bodyboarding super statistician himself, Steve 'Action' Jackson. I know I'm going to pull it off but knowing that I could count on him to know some of the things about the pros that I didn't was really nice during the Pipe Pro event.

I guess it means that I have to put in some homework and memorize some of the stats myself. I can tell you about the name of Jared Houston's barber in the Canary Islands. I can tell you what PLC's favorite after-event drink is. And I can tell you about Ryan Hardy's tennis game. But now I need to find out how old Guilherme Tamega was when he won his third world title. Yes, it's time to study. If you have any unknown facts about the pros, send 'em my way. I'd love to have more than enough ammo for the show.

Tune in here for my daily updates. And get all the event info on:

Action and I during the Pipe Pro.

One last thing; I never in my entire bodyboarding life, career, whatever... I never thought that you'd be able to bet on bodyboarders. Literally. Not only can you bet on the winner of the event but you can also be on the world tour winner and, get this, you can bet per heat as well! Nutz! Check this out:

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