Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Adventure. New Lineup.

If some of you don't already know, my other part time job is taking water photos of regular surfers, bodyboarders, longboarders, SUPers, knee boarders and even bodysurfers. Essentially, any and all wave riders. I'll be more than happy to chase a swell with a pro rider but I stoking out those wave riders that never get the chance or opportunity to shoot with a professional water photograher.

Well, today was a new adventure into the unknown. After riding this spot yesterday... wait, let me stop here for a second. The one thing I make clear on my site is to keep all wave names, beach names and street names off my website. I'm out to expose your stoke, not your break. Okay, back to this spot. I knew that this morning was going to be good in the A.M. Sunny skies and offshore winds. I was right. After my 30 minute drive, I parked and headed straight out.

I've paddled out to a couple other breaks and right off the bat, I got a few dirty looks. In fact, one dude told me he didn't like that fact that I was out there exposing his spot. And if you've seen this spot, its located where everyone can see it from the road and there's even stairs leading out to the water. Exposing his spot? I don't think I can expose it more than that! I avoid very localized spot, obviously. So the odds were in my favor to see smiles and stoke when I paddle out wth my camera. Today, I got a good hand. Not only were the waves good but the vibe was cool and mellow.

After an hour and a half of shooting this peak, I made my way to another peak and grabbed a few more photos then paddled in. I was met at the shower by an old buddy. We chatted it up and he was about to head out. I had about 30 more minutes before I had to head out for a brunch date. That was plenty of time to get a few photos of my friend Matt.

So here's to a great morning session with great vibes, friends and clear skies! Check the entire gallery here:

Matt owning it on his new ride.
This bodyboarder was getting some of the longest pit I've seen in California!


Great vibes.

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