Friday, October 5, 2012

Drawing Lines

Today was the first full day on the SISTAS SUP Surf Cabo trip and I am freakin' beat! We started off with a departure time of 6am. I knew that packing the Pollo-mobile was going to take about 30 minutes in itself so I set as early time as I know the SISTAS would agree on. It was perfect.

We showed up to an empty parking lot at Cerritos. No one was out and the waves were in the 3-4 foot range. Wait, I had to stop on the way out to make sure we get a group photo with the sun rising. I'm still absolutely amazed on how green it is here right now. Incredible. So Cerritos... located on the west side of the peninsula and about 10 minutes south of the small quaint artsy town of Todos Santos. It's the perfect beach break to get out and go for it; sand bottom and today it wasn't massive. It was perfect size. The form wasn't that great but the water was warm and we were the first ones out so it's all G. Amy said she was sweating is was so hot out there. I have to keep reminding everyone to keep drinking water. The heat, constant motion and the heat, did I say that already? Well, it'll suck the water reserves right out of you.

My goal was to get a photo of everyone drawing perfect lines down the face and having the iconic yellow hotel in the background. Success.... almost. I got most everyone. After about an hour or two of riding waves, the SISTAS came in. Pollo and I got on a couple SUP boards and had some fun before we all packed it up and headed into Todo Santos for lunch and shopping. Oh yeah, I paid three bux for an can of orange Fanta at the restaurant on the beach just to feel good for using the "paying customers only" shower.

Next... Todo Santos. First stop, Carnitas Barajas taco shop. We were all starving and ordered up. Ruben and his girls served up some of the best carnitas tacos this side of the Rio Grande! Absolutely delicious! Pollo didn't breath as he scarfed down his three tacos. I polished my six tacos and added another one on top of that when Barbara stopped at two of her three. Yum. I'm still thinking about them now!

Pollo gave us a cool tour around Todo Santos and explained the oasis and the santos that lined the streets. Very interesting and informative. I've been in Todo Santos so many times and I never knew about the oasis and the saints. Gracias Pollo! We parked right across the street from Tequila Sunrise; home of in-famous Manuel the Margarita King! I just found that out today. The SISTAS went shopping and Pollo and I stayed behind at Tequila Sunrise and chilled out and took some photos and video clips of the surroundings.

After about an hour we all gathered at the restaurant for an ice cold drink. The SISTAS had a margarita and Pollo and I had a tall cold tea that the owner had made for us.

Back on the road and about an hour plus back to the condo. I passed out along the way and I know some of the SISTAS did too. That is the main reason why I love Pollo ( He does the driving while we sleep. Love it.

One of Jenny's fins came out back at Cerritos so we went to Costa Azul surf shop to pick up a set then headed over to the SUP Mexico shop. SUP Mexico is run by Alfredo who was a cool cat and hooked up a killer deal on some cool SUP Mexico t's. After dumping some coin in his shop and getting a photo with him, the SISTAS  were jonesing to get out in the water. It was glassy and only a few people out. They had enough time to get a couple waves before they headed out to dinner at Flor's Field Kitchen in San Jose.

That was it for the first full day of the trip. Tomorrow is chill-poolside-and-ride-waves-in-front-of-the-condo-all-day-long day. See you then.

PS: The SISTAS did very well today! Great job!

Sunrise on the west side.

Our set up at Cerritos.

Leigh and Gail were down the beach grabbing a few nuggets.

All the SISTAS were charging. Susan slides into one.

Jenny setting a rail deep. Love the backdrop!

Amy down the line. Solid.

Gail has style. Enough said.

Party waves with friends are always good. Barbara and Leigh.

Yeah... this sums up the Cerritos session well. Jenny.

Focused. Leigh.

The lighting on the rights was perfect! Barbara.

Leigh on a sick one.

Ruben knows carnitas. A must stop in Todo Santos. Carnitas Barajas!

Amy's face explains the way my belly felt!

Served up and topped off. Jenny.

Yummy. Gail is happy.

Pollo trying to make sense of The King debacle.

Afternoon session. Barbara.

Another SUPer down the beach at Old Man's break. And someone's boat out in front of Palmilla.

Amy's wave count is now up to 2,000 waves in less 24 hours!

Alfredo and the SISTAS in from of SUP Mexico shop.

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