Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Arch

It's the SISTAS' last full day at Land's End. And to leave Los Cabos without a paddle out to the legendary Cabo Arch would blasphemy. Today was the day. Another early start with Pollo showing up at 6:15am. Boards loaded by 6:40, we were off for the 25 minute drive west to Cabo San Lucas.

We parked at the Bahia Hotel and met up with Lee and Meredith from Cabo SUP. These two are just as amped on SUP as their dog is to be outside running crazy in the parking! Just make sure you don't wear your nice whites when you know you're going to see their very energetic black lab. Lee walked us down to the Cabo SUP beach house and stable located right on Medano Beach. Jorge, their main man on the beach, took care of us like if we were queens and kings. Needless to say, his service was legit and he knew what he was doing. Go see Jorge and tell 'em Manny sent you. He'll take care of you either way. www.CaboSUP.com is where you can find about the whole Cabo SUP crew.

We had about ten minutes or so before the sun came up. Gail couldn't wait and took off after our group photo. She was worried she wasn't going to keep up with the rest of us. But she was almost at the arch before we touched the water! Okay, not that far but she was gunning it. Jenny was the only one that held back with me so she got the shot with the sunrise.

Jenny and I caught up with everyone at the arch viewing area. I'm always amazed to see her majesty. It's so massive and impressive. Amazing. Pollo and I took about 25 minutes directing the SISTAS in position to get the shots. That was super fun. My friend Alex's wife, Angie, showed up to paddle with us by then. She hasn't been on the water since July. Bad girl! It was my first time using the 50mm lens in my water housing. I had to put in on automatic focus to make sure I got a clear shot. I was stoked on the images.

We made our way to Lover's Beach and then checked out the shorey at Divorce Beach. To all my bodyboarding readers, it was not that good; a little too mixed up. Just before we got back on the boards the SISTAS insisted we get a photo showing off their Craig SUP boards. David if you're reading, you've got some loyal riders here.

On our way back to the Cabo SUP stables, I asked the crew if they wanted to jump off of Pelican Rock. Amy was first to say yes. Susan and Leigh joined in. The waves were mellow and the tide was high so getting up was really easy. First to go was Amy, then Susan and Leigh. Amy was the only one to go up to level 4 of 5. In other words, out of all of us that jumped off, she jumped from the highest height. Epic.

We finished off our Cabo San Lucas stay at Bar Esquina at the Bahia Hotel. Food, atmosphere and service... A+. I had the chilequiles with scrambled eggs. Big portion and very yummy! And it's one of the few places you can get a quality coffee. A definitely must when in Cabo. Be sure to visit Jorge, Lee, Meredith at Cabo SUP and at the Bahia Hotel as well.

A quick two hour stop in the center of San Jose for last minute shopping and ice cream was next. The SISTAS bought up gifts for friends and family. Pollo was on the phone and kept an eye on the car. I walked around get some B roll stuff. Such a different scene here in San Jose. A lot more mellow than Cabo San Lucas. You can have the best of both worlds within 30 minutes of each other. I love Cabo! Did I say that already?

Few of the SISTAS snuck in an afternoon session before Margaritas, Sake and slideshow. The crew opted to have an in-house cook serve up the last dinner. Enchiladas, tostadas, pueblano, ride and beans... I was in heaven! I want to thank the crew for their video testimonials. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We finished off another full day with a slideshow of the week's adventure in Los Cabos. That was also fun, funny and pretty cool. When we got to the video section of the awesome session at La Fortuna, it was basically the Leigh show. I can't believe how many waves she got on video! Everyone else got a ton of waves too but Leigh owned that session.

The SISTAS have a half day left. Update later on what they did and my own personal summary on the inaugural SUPmex.com Cabo SUP Surf tour.

The SISTAS and the Cabo SUP crew. Thank you for taking care of us.

Here we go...

Jenny is stoked.

Pollo working.

The SISTAS. Did I say it was bumpy out there.

Gail throwing shaka before getting wet.







Team Craig. The SISTAS.

Jenny's breakfast. Smoked salmon.

Pollo working.

Manny working.

Okay, get together.

Amy going big!

Susan making sure she clears the 4 inches outward.

Leigh up and away!

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