Sunday, October 7, 2012

What It's All About.

These 6am departure times seem like a chore but the rewards... well, today the SISTAS were very rewarded!

Pollo showed up with the pimp suburban at 6:20am, we loaded up the boards and off we went. First stop again, OXXO. Load up on water and snacks. No one ended up touching the pork rinds I bought except for Amy had a few.

It was pre-sunrise as we headed out to the East Cape. Needless to say, the sunrise was amazing as usual. The first bit of excitement came when we were faced with a river bed that was flowing. Pollo was nervous about crossing. I went out and tested the waters. After walking through and not getting any deeper than shin deep, I gave him the green light. He punched it and skimmed through the muddy water like nothing. It was pretty awesome! Wait for the video!

We rolled up to Shipwrecks and there were about four people out and wasn't looking to good. After a vote, it was off for the hunt of 9 Palms. No one, except for Jenny some 10 years ago, has been there. We didn't how far it was or what. Along the way, we passed an awesome empty right hand point break. Leigh was itching to stop and get out there but we agreed that we have to at least see 9 Palms. Just another short drive over the bumpy road and we believed we've arrived to 9 Palms. It wasn't happening so we bolted back to that right hander. Still, no body was on it!

Pollo set up down the beach to get some photos and I videoed most of the session before both of my batteries ran out on my Canon 7D.

After two epic sessions, the SISTAS were stoked and as Gail put it, "partched." I really can't say anything other than the regular footers were in SUP heaven! Amy and Susan worked on their backhand and managed to get a few solid ones too. When I have people on my tours come to me and say, 'that was awesome,' I have succeeded on showing them what I was hoping they would discover... perfect waves, empty lineup and good times. Thank you SISTAS for enjoying today. That's what it's all about.

Pollo took over 500 photos during those two sessions! Insane! I think Jenny pulled off a marathon session as well. Barbara was able to fix her damaged fin box and put in a couple sessions. But it was Leigh that was having the time of her life. "I'm happy" is what I remember her telling as she came in for a break. I'm happy too.

We headed to San Jose to grub on some mariscos (seafood) at Taqueria Rossy. Gail's friend recommended it and it was a great recommendation!

Tomorrow we're off to paddle to the arch in Cabo San Lucas. We'll eat some brunch and hang out with Lee and Meredith from Cabo SUP. See you in the water.

Amazing. East Cape.

Surf check. Shipwrecks.

Susan working on her backhand.

Leigh was catching everything in sight... and loving it!

Looks like Barbara's fin box is holding up.

Marathon session for Jenny.

Whoa... don't know what happen here.

Amy and Susan ready.

Amy leaning.

Thank you for the line up shot Pollo!

Gail is stoked. Her second session was better than her first hands down.

Stoked. Barbara.

It was all smiles this morning. Jenny.

Leigh. Happy.

Pollo working.

Jenny on another gem.

Second session.

Gail in speed position.

Whole fish with the major fixings.

Don't know what it is but looks tasty.

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