Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Toughest Day Of Them All

Having to pack and getting ready to leave is, hands down, the toughest day of any fun adventurous trip with friends. The thought of getting back into the matrix of reality is often worse than the actual act. And I can see it some of their faces. They didn't want to leave. The best part about leaving? Now you have all the reason to come back.

I got behind the camera kinda late. I missed a bunch of shots of all the girls that were out before I found my shaded little corner in the condo complex of Las Olas. Once set up, I videoed more than taking photos. After the night prior's slideshow, it was cool to see everyone riding in video. I need to invest in one of those greedy tripod set ups. You can set up  your video camera and photo camera set up next to each other then push the record button on the video camera then concentrate on getting the shot with photos. I have a few friends that do that and I think it may be time to do the same. Especially on these trips! Done.

After everyone's last session in the warm waters of Cabo, they finished up packing. I think this was the first time on this trip, I've seen so many long faces. I believe most everyone were genuinely sad. And to be honest, so was I. It was cool to see the full spectrum of emotions with the SISTAS; one hunderd percent elation after the epic session on the East Cape and one hundred perfect confusion with the King.

I'll be working on the video clip for the ladies and for my promotional hype for the five day SUP Surf Cabo trips. Believe me, after one week with the SISTAS I have a ton of awesome clips to work with. I can't wait to start!

Thanks for reading the daily updates on my blog. Thanks to everyone involved for making this past week one to remember! Thanks to Pollo for being a hard worker even when your girl's birthday was during the same week! Buen trabajo loco. If you need a driver in Cabo to take care of you and your family... this is the go to guy! And last but never least... a super thanks to the SISTAS... you guys girls rocked!

Now, to update the website with all the juice from this trip!

See you in the water!

Amy coasting over.

Barbara getting her last few moments at The Rock.

Hi Barbara :)

Jenny had two sessions. This is from session 1.

I love that shower. Great pressure and refreshing. Barbara rinsing off her Craig.

Jenny coming in from session 1.

Susan's last steps in the warm waters of Los Cabos.

The Rock was amazing. Thank you The Rock.

Leigh was in heaven in Cabo. I think her wave count passed up Amy's by just a few: 3,091 to 2,754.

Jenny's second session blew doors on her first. Epic.

Fins out, leashes off and ready for bubble wrap.

Ah... on the beach, jacuzzi, pool, refreshing shower and The Rock just steps away!

I told Pollo he has to start smiling during group photos.

The SISTAS and Pollo. The farewell shot.


  1. Yeah Manny! Touchdown! Sounds like a great trip and I can't wait to hear all about it... and post it up!

    El Guapo

  2. El Guapo, yes the trip was almost perfect. If I didn't have to pay $3 US dollars for a can of orange Fanta at the Cerritos restaurant, it would've been perfect :)

    Let's SUP and catch up. I'll tell you all about it brotha. Let me know.

  3. Thanks again Manny! I'm already only online checking out flights to CABO and Mazatlan! Jonseing to the max for the warm water and awesome surf! I need more sessions to get the local spots dialed in.....hijole!

    Can't thank you and Pollo enough for ensuring the SUP Sistas safety throughout the trip. Nothing better than a safe and INSANE surf trip!

    Andale pues mijo!