Saturday, October 6, 2012

Recovery Day. SISTAS SUP Cabo Surf Trip.

I don't know what time the SISTAS woke up but it was very nice to sleep in. I haven't done that in a long time. Wait, let me rephrase that. It's been a long time since I slept 'til 6am and didn't have to be or do anything for the morning. It was nice but I wouldn't mind an early morning walk with my wife either right about now. But she, unfortunately is at home working her tail off and not here.

The day before, I picked up some Mexican rice, beans, tortillas, Oaxaca queso and salsa from Mega. I was amping to have that for breakfast this morning. But apparently, my landlord for the next few days didn't turn on the gas for the stove. No way to heat up my grub. I looked out the window and saw a van set up across the way. They had to be selling burritos. I headed down there and yes, burritos it was! I ate a few, had a coffee then headed back. But not before taking a photo of some real, not burritos, but burros (Spanish for donkeys). Good morning.

I sent an email to the crew and told them to let me know when they head out. I'll shoot from my balcony. It was about 8 or 9 when I saw the SISTAS starting to paddle out. They went over to Old Man's where there a few peaks but about 15 or so heads already out. It was awesome to get that perspective. It looked like something from Hawaii or some other far away exotic tropical island. But it's right here... two hours from San Diego. I love Cabo. I don't think I mentioned that yet.

A few came back towards The Rock and the inside in front of Las Olas Condos. Jenny on her way back was able to snag a good size one at The Rock. That was cool to watch... definitely overhead. Alfredo from SUP Mexico came out and caught a few at The Rock on his hot pink board. He's good. I saw him switch boards with Amy. He wanted to try out one of the Craig SUP boards. He ripped on that one too.

After a couple hours or so, the SISTAS came in and chilled out by the pool I'm sure. Then they had lunch at Zipper's Bar and Grill. Gail, sent over a photoof them chowing down beach side.

Before I packed away my camera, my friend's cousin spotted an Osprey cruising around. I saw him/her and tracked him on the hunt. It was freakin' awesome! Check the pix below! I just wish I had a better lens for that moment. Man. That was awesome to watch. Felt like National Geographic stuff!

It was about mid afternoon when I sent an email to the SISTAS and asked if they needed me for the evening and they said they were good. That was a green light for me to head to Monuments with El Guerro. Monuments is a left hand point break in Cabo San Lucas; about 25 minutes west. Monuments was fun but bumpy. Better for surfing but still fun on the bodyboard.

Mauricio and Bola gave me a ride home. We stopped at an OXXO market to pick up something to drink. I needed a Powerade asap and they split a massive ballena (about 45oz) of Tecate Light. Yes, drinking and driving a 45oz is okay here. But the funny thing is that they were more worried about putting on their seat belts because the federales were crackin' down on the seat belt law. Go figure.

I'm off to eat at Zipper's Bar and Grill before calling it a night. 6am wake up call. We're off to Shipwrecks tomorrow morning then lunch in San Jose. See you then...

Good morning San Jose.

Breakfast burrito with a view. That's my penthouse over yonder.


Amy, Alfredo and Susan... I think!

Couple of the SISTAS in search of their own peak or just out for a paddle.

Leigh down the beach nabs one.

Alfredo on Amy's board.

Gail setting up to get back to the power zone.

Leigh with a solid one down the beach!

Jenny on a set wave at The Rock. Awesome!

Good job and nice size woman! Jenny.

Barbara on her way in.

We should call this Amy's Peak instead of the Las Olas peak.

Sorry Susan, I didn't get one of your riding a wave.

I think Gail sent this image over in a small file size. Either way, the SISTAS having lunch at Zipper's.

My home-away-from-home office.

Amazing to watch! I wish I had a better lens for this!

Legs fully extended and ready to grab! The bodyboarder saw is all go down too!

Score! Looks like a Perch. Gail can you verify?

Lunch... to go?

I'm going to sit right here and enjoy my lunch. Wow... must a great view while eating up there.

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