Thursday, October 4, 2012

SISTAS SUP Surf Cabo Trip

I've been doing Cabo Freak Fest, a bodyboarding trip to Los Cabos, since 2003 and I love ever single minute of it! Now, with my new found love to SUP, I had to put something together for fellow SUPers and show them the beauty that Land's End has to offer. Enter The SISTAS!

I convinced a cool group of five SUPers from San Diego to let me show them the Cabo I hold close to my heart. So the inaugural trip is now underway! I'm going to post daily and give you my perspective of their trip. Today is officially day one.

As usual with all my tours, the arrival is always the most hectic for me. Organizing, getting everyone to their rooms with all luggage accounted for, etc. Pollo, our awesome driver (, assured me that we were okay on time. After getting a late start organizing for today (bodyboarding epic Bocana this morning for three hours instead of two didn't help), I was worried we were going to get to the airport late and see faces of "what the hell? we've been here for an hour!" Before getting to the airport, I had to settle into my apartment next door to the ladies' condo complex and I also had to set up a welcome package from three of the girls that couldn't make it. That is one of the coolest things I've seen. Sarah, Katie and Alicia all were on the list to come along but simply couldn't make it. So before coming down Alicia met up with me and she handed me some cash from the three of them and a card to the SISTAS. How can I go wrong with Mexican welcome package that included flowers, tequila and margarita mix!? The SISTAS loved it by the way!

Back to the arrival at the airport. Everyone had an ice cold beer handed to them (Gail opted for an ice cold white wine... all good) as soon as they walked out the terminal. Welcome to Cabo. Pollo loaded up the bags and I strapped down the boards and we were off. About half way to the condo, the boards shifted so we had to pull over to adjust. Minor adjustment. After a quick photo op up above the lookout point, we got the condo and it was perfect. Poolside, wifi steps away and right on the beach! Awesome!

Grocery run at Mega. This place was MEGA! It had everything! Groceries, ATM and ice for the margaritas and we're out. Back to the condo.

After pulling the boards out of the bags, fins installed, everyone made their way down to the beach for an evening session in Cabo's non-refreshing ocean waters. I gave them the low down on the rocks, currents and they were off. Two at a time... not all at once. It's a respect thing.

I'm proud of the SISTAS! They all managed to avoid all the rocks on the way out and they all caught at least one wave! Don't get me wrong. All the SISTAS have put in their time and they have skills. I was just giving them a heads up on this particular break. On the way in, unfortunately, Leigh slammed her foot into a rock and cut it open. Doc (Jenny) took care of it and Leigh will be ready for the 6am morning call to hit the road for first of two Wave Search treks with Pollo and his pimp Suburban. East Cape or West Side. We'll find out at tomorrow morning after I check the charts.

Not a bad for the first half day in Cabo! I just got an email response from Gail. I asked her if the girls had a fun first half day in Cabo. She said, Hijoles! I think that may mean, hell yes!

I left them to their dinner session and I headed to my apartment but not before testing out Zipper's Bar and Grill. The massive chicken teriyaki burger and fries with ice cold lemon aide... perfect! Thirteen bucks. Now, off to bed.

Oh yeah! Who are these SISTAS!? Check the photo captions...

The SISTAS. That's their condo in the background.

Thank you Alicia, Katie and Sarah.


Amy fine tuning as Gail watches on.

Barbara killed it today!

Gail with two long rides today.

Susan caught a bunch of the inside left handers.

Evening sesh.

Amy solid form.


Jenny and Barbara. Jenny ended up with the lefty.

Stoked first session. Barbara.

Leigh committed.

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