Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend With The In-Laws And Good Waves

Big Southwest swell and the in-laws rolled through this weekend. And because the in-laws like to sleep in and my wife is killer, I was able to sneak away in the wee hours of the morning to go out and get some pics.

The in-laws didn't show up to San Diego until Friday afternoon. The swell started to hit late Thursday.

Saturday: I've really been wanting to hook up with my brotha from another, Nelz Vellocido. He's an all-around waterman that proved himself as a top world class bodyboarder by charging waves like Chopes and North Shore. In fact, Nelz pioneered many of the new moves that bodyboarders are doing today. Now, he rides any type of wave riding vehicle that the ocean calls for, including SUP. And that's what I wanted to get a picture of him doing... ripping on the SUP in the surf. So we met up at Shores and it was offshore but a bit mixed up and cloudy. After seeing him catch a few waves, I paddled out. The session was sick. I linked up with a few other people, including Nelz. There was a 15 minute gap of sun light that made for sick contrasts with the water and surfers. That was Friday May 21.

Sunday: As you remembered, it was blown to shit. If you found a wave that wasn't blown out, you scored!

Monday: If you've lived in a location long enough, you know when the conditions are going to be good. You just get that feeling in your bones. I got that feeling late Sunday. I know Monday was going to have sick sunny conditions with slight offshore. A few friends and I met up on SouthSide and hit the water before the sun rose above the mountains of Jamul. Needless to say, it was going off. Perfect 3-5 footers with feathering lips were served 'til about 9:30am. And that's when I realized I need booties. I couldn't feel my left foot because of the cold. Note to self: buy a pair of booties.

For all the action photos from this past weekend, check out my site: www.mannyvphoto.com.

Oh yeah... the in-laws. I wanted to share with you some of my top restaurant picks for when the in-laws come into town. Believe me, you will not disappoint them if you take them to any one of the restaurants below. I put my taste buds on it!
Kiki Sushi on University and 6th in Hillcrest is a must! Great atmosphere and great sushi rolls and sashimi

I know it's something you usually wouldn't order in a Sushi joint but you have to try the Spicy Chicken at Kiki Sushi. Yum!
Have any friends that are visiting from anywhere in the world... Temecula's Wine Country is a must! And the Brie Sourdough at Maurice Carie is epic.

One of my favorite wineries... Bella Vista. The Hungarian owners are cool once you get past the surface : ) Ask for Gary... he's got the stories and knows his wine.
If you're a San Diegan and haven't eaten at the Turf Supper Club, you're an idiot. Sorry, was that too rough? Seriously, if you want to really know if your new girlfriend or boyfriend is a keeper, take him/her to the Turf Club and see how they handle cooking their own food : )

Good times at the Turf Club.

The Sirloin Steak Potato and Eggs for breakfast anyone? Hellz yeah! Massive portions and so freakin' tasty!

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